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Homework in Advance

Found in: homework; routines & procedures

A few years ago, one of my seniors said that she really didn't mind doing my homework but on some days it was hard because she was scheduled to work right after school. She wondered if there was some way she could know ahead of time when assignments would be due, and then she could plan her non-work time better.

Although it was a little more work for me, I started putting all the work the students would be required to do outside of class on the board. I post the assignments for the next chapter when the students are taking the test for the previous chapter. I do not accept late work (except for absences), and believe it or not, the students usually come in with their homework.

It has eliminated all those irritating questions like "Do we have anything due today?" With kids so busy with work and after-school activities they are learning to plan their time better, and I am better organized.


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