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Hot Dog Party

Found In: language arts, written composition, games

I have a hot dog party to reinforce the six traits of writing.

  1. The hot dog represents ideas. The students’ ideas must be plump, juicy and full of spices.
  2. The bun represents organization. The tip of the bun is the beginning, the crease of the bun is the middle and the bottom of the bun is the ending. Without the bun, the story and the hot dog would roll around aimlessly.
  3. The condiments represent voice. As our hot dogs are dressed in our own unique way, each child has a unique voice that they bring to their writing.
  4. The chips represent sentence fluency. No two chips are alike as are no two sentences alike.
  5. The soda represents word choice. Students’ stories must have energetic verbs and descriptive words to create the visual images the reader needs. Like the soda, the story must be alive with fizz!
  6. The hot dog party itself represents conventions. This ties it all together.

Students realize they must edit their work for spelling, punctuation, paragraphing and grammar mistakes. Students really understand the qualities of good writing when presented in this fun party fashion.


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