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I Spy Collages

My students love the I Spy books by Walter Wick. They've nearly worn out the pages from many of the books! As a result of their interest in reading and in searching for the hidden objects in these books, we decided to make our own 'I Spy' collages. The students worked in groups of four to six and created little collages around the room with our own little toys, magnets, games, blocks and anything small that they could find. Students can also create collages based on specific themes. I used a digital camera to take the pictures for the book and then the students wrote their own riddles at the bottom of the page. Older students could make more difficult riddles. We put our kindergarten I Spy pictures on the TV to look at, and we also have our own I Spy book in the room. It was great fun and the kids have been asking to make another book soon!


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