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Internet Scavenger Hunt

July 30, 2003

During my media technology class in college, we had to make Internet scavenger hunts. The teacher presents pre-screened websites pertaining to a certain subject matter. Students are directed to type in the web page, find a link or other information on the web page and answer a question or two. Then the students go on to the next website and repeat. It works great in teams or pairs. I did one on the sun for a solar system unit, however the possibilities are endless. Other ideas are PowerPoint presentations by the students or by you. They could run a presentation created by you which might teach them a mini lesson about Internet safety or computer room rules, etc. They could create one about an animal they are studying in science, an author they are reading about in language arts, or other topics. You could include a lesson about how to use a word processing program for writing reports or journals. Include steps to help them change fonts and spell check. You could also teach students to use a spreadsheet program for a math graphing activity.


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