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Interviewing Business People

To help my students understand the importance of basic skills in the workplace, I have them interview parents, tradesmen, business people, teachers and other professionals. Through these interviews my students learn that history, writing, reading, science and math are all essential skills needed in the real world. The history of the industry they might be employed in is connected to and part of our nation's history. Knowing how to effectively use spoken and written language can make or break a person in the world of work. Being able to read and comprehend is important for understanding manuals and other technical material. Literature creates the power to observe and to think critically which is vital in business at all levels. Science is the background for understanding how and why things work. Basic math skills are vital to all parts of the real world. Money, measurement, distance and time are skills one uses every day in life. Other subjects such as art and music all contribute to these basic skills. Pointing out the importance of school subjects encourages students to master things they don't necessarily want to study.


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