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Keeping Track of Assignments

Found in: parent-teacher communication; routines & procedures; tracking student work

Each summer I prepare a term-by-term work calendar for all my students. In September, I give them a term calendar for Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec., which includes specific, day-by-day reading assignments, homework assignments, scheduled tests, book reports, projects, special days, etc. Students have a calendar stapled into the front cover of their notebook, and parents are required to sign it.

I repeat this for each term, which allows parents and students to plan ahead. I also have parents read and initial information letters that explain the purpose of the calendar, routines and expectations. I also let them know that field trips, assemblies, etc., can delay the work a day or two. If something needs to be cancelled, students write it on their calendar. This is a great tool for tracking. This system helps students be responsible for their time and keeps communication lines open between school and home.


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