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Kelley Kash

Found in: motivating students

During the last trimester of the school year, when behaviors can become more problematic, I keep morale high by implementing 'Kelley Kash'. I use it as an incentive to reinforce positive behavior.

Each Monday my students receive $10 in Kelley Kash (chips with their student number on it). They earn additional Kash for exceeding the standard by exhibiting a variety of positive behaviors (i.e., not needing reminders for turning in homework, 'random acts of kindness', great hall behavior, and quiet transitions). For inappropriate behaviors a chip is deposited into my bank account.

On Friday the students enter their Kelley Kash total into their 'bank book', and the chips are recycled for the following week. We keep a running total of Kash accounts, then during the last week of school I hold an auction where they can spend the Kash. I teach them the principles of how an auction works, and they use their Kash to purchase some great stuff I pick up through the year. My kids love it ...and it works for me!


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