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Key Ring Cards

Found in: back to school; end of the year; parent-teacher communication; routines and procedures 

I keep a 4 x 6 card on each student with their names, DOB, phone numbers, parent's names and cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, their class book numbers and supplies. I keep the cards on a key ring. Any information that comes up during the year can be added to the card. I enter the information into my computer and print a set for each of the fifth grade classes.

I keep it with me for quick reference. Many times kids will return supplies because they have their own. This is marked on the card and makes collecting supplies at the end of the year much easier. Using their e-mail addresses, I set up an address book on my computer. Now I only send out hard copies of letters to the few parents that don't have e-mail. It saves on paper copies, which comes from our school budget.


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