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Kids Read Across America

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In celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday this year, our students read their way across the country from Myrtle Beach, SC to Los Angeles, CA. They used the Internet to chart their course, determine their mileage, and consider places to visit at each interim destination. They were able to travel one mile for each page read. The classes plotted their trips on a large wall map in the classroom. Once they had arrived at their final destination, they planned and read the return trip.

Record-keeping consisted of a spreadsheet form giving the date of each reading, the amount of time involved, the number of pages read, the title and author of the book, and a mandatory verifying signature of a parent or guardian. The students submitted their sheets each Monday with their personal totals, and then the class total was used to identify that week’s interim location.

This could also be modified to visit other countries and explore other continents, as well as allowing students to plan and read personal trips using individual maps. Due to the great success of the first adventure, the classes have planned additional trips as they explore their wonderful land. The students loved the entire experience.



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