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Kind Compliments

Found in: building trust and community; manners and etiquette

This is a strategy I use for teaching children how to give and receive compliments. I choose a student of the week and make a colorful poster on which I write a few specific compliments about the student. The poster is displayed in our classroom along with pictures of that student's family, pets, and hobbies.

My class takes time out at the end of the day to give compliments to the student of the week. As I write the compliments on the poster, the children practice responding with thank you and you're welcome. We continue to do this everyday until there's no more room on the poster. At the end of the week, the special student gets a certificate and can take the poster home to share and hang up.

The posters serve as authentic writing for students to read to their parents and reminders of how positive their peers feel about them.


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