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Kind Kids

Found in: building trust and community; manners and etiquette; motivating students

I want to promote kindness so rather than Star of the Week, I have two Random Act of Kindness students. The way a student receives this honor is through their fellow classmates and, most importantly, their kind hearts. I instructed my students to watch for kindness in the classroom. When they see someone doing a random act of kindness, they write the kind student's name and the kindness performed on a piece of paper and put it in a basket in the classroom.

Some of the kindnesses are picking up my pencil, sharing their snack, lending pens/pencils/paper/etc., holding the door, etc. The kind people from the week before pick the two names for the following week...if the person was already picked, we do give others a chance first. The KIND people receive awards that are posted outside the classroom the first week and inside the classroom for an additional week before they go home.

Homework passes, lollipops, and other special prizes are awarded. They are also the errand and job people for the week. I have noticed that my students go out of their way to be kind to one another and remind others to do so as well. Initially, it was a popularity contest (for about two weeks), but after that the students embraced the idea of kindness.


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