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Lab Schedule

March 31, 2004

We have a Lab Schedule at our school. We are K-6 and have one computer lab. At the beginning of the year, we list our top 3 choices for computer lab time and turn it in to our principal. A lab schedule is created and it is treated like our regular specials (Music, Art, etc.) Your assigned time is yours! We get an hour a week and you can elect two 30 minute chunks or a full hour. Once the schedule is completed, we put it on a laminated posterboard on the outside of our lab door. Some sticky notes and a pen are fixed to the outside of the door also. If you will not be using your assigned time that week, you cover your name with a sticky. This tells everyone else that the block is available for that week only. On Friday, make sure all sticky notes are removed and you are back to your permanent schedule! Good luck -- It works for us!


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