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Learning Styles and Vocabulary

Found In: kinesthetic learning, language arts, teaching & learning, vocabulary

A colleague and I have been enjoying success in integrating different learning styles in teaching vocabulary. I have had students draw pictures to represent the idea of a vocabulary word or parts of the word. I usually assign two words to a pair of students, so they can generate ideas together and so that less capable artists are not left to their own devices. Usually the students also write a caption, not using the vocabulary word. The students present their pictures, and the class guesses which word is being illustrated.

It is great review, a chance to work with a partner, and involves visual and spatial learners. For kinesthetic learners, we have used charades, having them act out the word, or a combination of words, for their team. The students have been very positive about “seeing” the vocabulary list in a more tangible or visual way, and have actually been using the words more in their writing.



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