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Mailing Label Paper Trackers

May 28, 2003

Looking for a way to organize paperwork when documenting progress for these grades? Try using mailing labels on a clip board. Just jot down the name, brief comment, grade etc. Have a piece of paper for each student. Every day or once a week, just pull and stick these on to each student's sheet for easy reference. It will be easy to spot the problem kids or ones that you are not anecdoting [sic] enough. I kept these in a notebook. They came in very handy for parent/teacher conferences and at report card comment time. Another option is a Palm Pilot or other handheld device. You can put Easy GradePro on a handheld and walk around the room putting in scores. Then you sync to your computer and everything goes right into the grade book. Keeping coding simple also helps. M for mastered, R for reteach, etc.


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