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Motivating Special Ed Students

Found in: building trust & community; motivating students

If you work with Special Ed students and you need to find ways to motivate them, the most important thing to do is to build a rapport with the students. Take a few minutes a day to get to know the students. Listen to learn what is happening in the their lives. You need to maintain boundaries and discipline, but avoid the conflict cycle. Ignore the complaints -- they are just a part of teenage years. Keep activities as real and life applicable as possible. Tie as many lessons to their world as you can. A sense of humor is the only way to survive -- don't be afraid to make a mistake or to admit human frailty. Elementary experience will be very helpful for creativity, but be careful not to use any baby activities. Most of these kids come to these classrooms from difficult circumstances. Knowing this doesn excuse what they do, but it does help keep their behavior in perspective.


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