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Olympic Reading Event

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During the last Olympic games, my friend and I came up with a creative way to get students excited about reading. At the beginning of February we announced a Reading Olympics. Each child has a blank chart with 20 squares on it to be put up on a bulletin board (decorated patriotically with Olympic rings).

Forms are sent home to the parents that say:

    My child, _________, has read for 30 minutes. A book that she/he has read is _________.

    Signed [parent signature].

(Time spent reading can be changed according to grade level and ability of the students.) Each time the students bring in a form, they get a book sticker on their chart. This lasts for a month.

At the end of the Olympics, students are awarded medals based on how much reading they accomplished:

  • Gold Medal: 600 minutes (every night for 30 minutes)
  • Silver Medial: 450 minutes
  • Bronze Medal: 300 minutes

We bought the medals through a teachers’ store, but I have even seen them at Target. We have a big ceremony and invite parents who bring patriotic goodies. At the ceremony we give out the medals as well as certificates that state how many minutes each child has read.



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