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Online Grades

August 31, 2005

I have tried getting signatures on tests. However, I was never real good about verifying those signatures after the fact, thus making it an ineffective communication tool. A few years ago, a colleague told me about I subscribed (approx. $30 per year), and it has really helped me. I enter all grades on a regular basis, and each student has a password to access only his/her information. Parents and students can check progress at any time, from any computer. It also has the ability to allow me to send a mass email when I've updated grades, which includes a direct link for each student. The parents LOVE this system, and I've found other benefits. Nobody ever questions my report card grades or deficiency reports, I get very few phone calls (they can click and email me very easily, which I find simpler than playing phone tag), and some students kick it into higher gear when they notice they are close to a higher letter grade, so they work harder to nudge up their average. This program is more than worth the few dollars a month to subscribe!


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