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Open House Project

Found in: back to school; bulletin boards; routines & procedures

During the first days of school, I take photographs of each student as they stand in front of a giant tape in the shape of a ruler. I get double sets of photos and mount one set on construction paper 1/2 inch larger than the photos. I post the first set next to each student’s work displayed on a bulletin board throughout the year. That way parents and kids can quickly put faces and names together as they look over the display. I save the second set for open house (May).

I take another set of photos just before open house. I pass out both sets, and the kids can easily see how much they have grown over the year. They make a folder that includes both their Sept. and May photos and then write about their physical as well as their academic growth during the year. It is a quick, easy, and fun open house project as well as a keepsake for parents.