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Organized Paperwork

Found in: back to school; classroom helpers; homework; parent-teacher communication

Give students a homework folder to be taken home each afternoon and returned to school each morning. Number it with their number from your grade book. Each morning have a student helper put the folders in numerical order and pull out the homework. If any is missing, that student stays in during recess to do the homework.

The helper collects papers throughout the day, and checks off assignments on a page on a clipboard.leaf binder and on another paper with a check off for each day i.e. 'Mon. Hw missing, no recess'. This latter page will go home at the end of the week with all or any missing assignments and notes such as 'moved his/her desk, talking'.

This paper goes home every Friday along with my weekly newsletter that tells the parents just what we will be studying the next week. The parent must sign this paper and the student return it each Monday, or again, the penalty is losing recess. Getting a parent signature is the child's only homework on Fridays.

At first, you will feel as if you are punishing yourself (you have to stay in for recess with them), but it pays off if you persist. The system is not as cumbersome as it seems, it will get easier as you go.


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