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Organizing Lunch Count

June 29, 2005

I have an attendance chart with pockets. I have cards with my students' names inserted into the pockets and clothespins with the students' names written on one side with their lunch numbers on the other. Every morning, the students are responsible for taking the clothespin from their pocket and putting it on a lunch order chart divided into 2 sections -- one for students who are packing their lunch and the other for the students who are buying lunch. I can quickly take attendance by checking the pocket chart. At lunch time I ask all the students who are packers to line up first, and then call out 3 students at a time from the ordering line. This ensures that the packers are holding the doors and going straight to tables in the cafeteria, and students who are purchasing their lunch always have their lunch numbers. Also, cafeteria staff can double check that lunch numbers match with student names.


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