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Parent Newsletters

Found in: parent involvement; parent-teacher communication

I help parents connect with their child's school experience by sending home a weekly newsletter. When parents ask students what they did at school the response is often, 'Played'. Although I am pleased that my kids think of what we do as play, I want the parents to understand that there is a lot of learning packed into that play. My newsletter tells what I am teaching and how often I am teaching it. I describe special days and always include parent tips for at home follow up. After reading my newsletter, parents can ask their children specific questions about their day and get specific responses.

I also have parent workshops twice a year where I show my parents the methods and materials we use in class. I teach them about alternatives to workbooks (manipulatives) and hope that they will use them at home too. I also set up hands on demos and provide handouts. Parents are grateful to learn my methods and lingo.