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Planned Prep Time

April 30, 2003

Our planning time is bargained and is part of our working agreement. Every teacher gets 200 minutes of uninterrupted personal planning time per week, wherever possible that 200 minutes should be during the student contact day. No meetings unless the teacher initiates it, no duty. My principal also made a creative schedule that allows all classroom teachers to have an 80-minute grade level meeting during the student contact day, every other week. On Friday, no meetings are ever scheduled before school so teachers have an uninterrupted personal planning time between 8:00 and 8:55 a.m. Then, second, fourth and fifth grade teachers are on week one and they get the extended time for a grade level meeting. Kdg., first and third have no planning time that day during the student contact day. On week 2 the grades levels are swapped. The teachers in the building have nicknamed the days, Fantastic Friday or Freaky Friday. You decide which is which.


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