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Planning Activities 3 Years in Advance

It's always challenging to teach our gifted kids but so rewarding too! I've been doing this for 11 years now, K to 7. I currently have four schools. Our program is set up as pull-out enrichment. I see the kids for 1 1/2 (primary) and 2 (intermediate) hours at a time. The 7th grade is middle school, and a whole different story that I won't get into. If you see the same students several years in a row, there are some ideas for planning out activities: 1) Plan a Year A, Year B, and Year C rotation of units to study. 2) Keep your thematic units general. Plan activities that teach important principles and require high level thinking skills. Include activities that come from every curriculum area. Never paint yourself into a corner where you MUST do something in a certain way! To meet individual needs, you have to have flexibility! 3) Make general rubrics for projects. Share them with the kids ahead of time. After a unit, have the kids fill out the rubric for how well they think they've done. After they fill it out, you come along and fill it out. Then have a mini-conference to discuss any discrepancies and how things went. We have developed some rubrics that have been very successful. 4) Here's a skeleton of our intermediate year A, B, and C plan: YEAR A -- Roller Coaster Physics and Law (We do a mock trial of the Big Bad Wolf); YEAR B -- Ancient Egypt (We make an interactive museum and invite all 4, 5, and 6 grades) and Creative Science Challenges; YEAR C -- Bridges (Get the toothpick bridges simulation book!!!) and Flight. 5) Having just two official units gives us the leeway to include other things too!


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