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Popsicle Sticks

I create a bucket of sticks for each of my classes. Using popscicle sticks, I write each student's name on one stick. The bucket can be anything - coffee can, stadium cup, cottage cheese container. I color code each stick by period and place them in the bucket for that period. (Color-coding helps in the event of a spill.) I use the sticks in many ways. When doing 'drill and kill' oral activities, it makes it easy for me to make sure I am calling on all students. If a student doesn't seem to understand, I put that stick back in the bucket to call on him/her again. When grouping students, I use the sticks to see how each group will look. Sometimes I let students pick partners by using the sticks. If I have an errand to run, I let the sticks choose the errand runner. When I am planning a new seating chart, I use the sticks. If I need to choose one child for a job or volunteer, I use the sticks. The random 'pupil finder' is a big hit in my classes because everyone knows they have an equal chance of being picked.


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