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Quiet Before Dismissal

Found in: dismissal; parent-teacher communication; routines and procedures

We used to have a noise problem when excited students waited for dismissal at the end of the day. Our Site Based Council, along with a team of teachers, came up with a wonderful idea. We bring ALL of our students to the gym about 10 minutes before the last bell. They sit in rows designated by how they will go home (Bus 101, back walkers, car riders, etc.) and are dismissed in this same manner by being led to the door or bus by a teacher. Car riders are escorted to the car pickup area and taken to their individual cars by a teacher. This procedure also gives us an opportunity to come face-to-face with parents every day. During the ten minutes in the gym, we read good behavior announcements and recognize students. Recognition has been a wonderful self-esteem booster for students.


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