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Quiet Classroom

Found in: motivating students, noise control, routines and procedures

I have a great method for calming down a noisy class. My students tend to be very excitable and have difficulty keeping noise levels down. In the morning, I write the word QUIET on the board. If the classroom noise level is getting out of control, I simply walk up to the board and erase a letter. When the students notice, they remind the other students in their group to get quiet. If your students are being very good and on task during any activity during the day, they can have letters added back. If my class has at least 2 letters left at the end of the day, the entire classroom earns a point for the day. I simply put up a 100 chart in the room at the beginning of the school year and reward the class with special treats for every 25 points they earn: 25 points = Extra Recess; 50 points = Homework Pass; 75 points = Class Movie and Popcorn; 100 points = Classroom Party and Certificates of Recognition.


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