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Read Share Pairs

One of the ways I get my students to enjoy reading independently is by having an activity I call Read Share Pairs. I ask each student to give me the names of five other kids in the class (at least one must be of the opposite gender) and I create the pairs. Each student selects a book to read that has not been a movie and hasn't been read by his or her partner. During SSR each day, they read for about 15 minutes and then share what they've read with their partners for 5-10 minutes. If a student's partner is absent that day, that student writes a brief summary in order to fill in the partner when he/she returns. The children read at their own ability level and in any genre they choose. It doesn't matter how many pages the book has because if they finish before their partner, they simple begin a new book. Sometimes kids agree to switch partners at the conclusion of a round. The listeners are encouraged to make drawings or do some activities inspired by what they've heard from their partner thus motivating the reader to give lots of details when they share. Both partners are encouraged to share personal experiences about what they read and hear. When either partner finishes a novel, the listening partner must write a summary of the novel. This insures that they take responsibility for being attentive, interactive listeners. Kids love to share what they see on movies and TV and this gives them the same opportunity to share their books. By the time one round of Read Share Pairs is completed, each child will have added two books to their repertoire. There's no motivation problem now!


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