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Reading Festival

September 03, 2003

I have seen reading festivals done in two different ways. First teachers volunteer to read a story to a group of students and their parents. They read to the students in their own classroom and after 15-20 minutes they switch to another classroom. If you have a reading festival for two hours then students get to hear six to eight different people read. The second one I was part of was held in our school lunchroom. We had people from the community reading in different stations. I think we had eight stations. The people read to the students and discussed the story for 15 minute intervals. Then the students moved to another station. We had parent volunteers at each station also to introduce the reader and mark off a passport for the students that came to the station. At the end of the night any student that had gone to 7 different stations got a small goodie bag. (Like a party bag.) Our PTA provided the bags to us. This was very well attended by our parents and the community connection was super. I hope this helps. Good Luck.


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