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Renaissance Club

August 17, 2005

How about getting some kind of Renaissance program started? I think it's a national program, perhaps just for high school, but something similar could be done locally. At my high school, our group calls itself Knights of Excellence and honors students with excellent (not necessarily perfect, but good) attendance, honor roll students, students who have raised their g.p.a. by 0.5 points in the last semester, the top 10 students in each class, and our 'students of the week,' who are chosen by faculty members for a variety of reasons, or 'just because'. We get local businesses to sponsor the group and hold a field day each spring at which all students who fall into any of the before mentioned categories are released from class for the last 2 hours of the day, usually a day in May, for a picnic/field day. My school is 9-12 and about 1900 students. The Knights of Excellence is a club, with faculty advisors and student members who take on the tasks of making banners, posting signs on lockers of those students who made honor roll, improved g.p.a., etc.


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