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Responsibility Grades

Found in: tracking behavior

An approach I use when I have a particularly unruly group is something I learned from my cooperating teacher when I was student teaching.

Students earn a responsibility grade each day in class. They start out with a 100, and can lose points (20 points per category) for such things as being disrespectful, coming to class unprepared, putting down others, not having their homework, etc. I have a clipboard with a chart and students' names, and I keep a daily tally of their infractions.

I also make their responsibility grade 20% of their class grade. This system holds students accountable for their own behavior; students who behave and do what is expected or are responsible receive the reward of 100, while those who disobey and are not responsible receive a grade that reflects their behavior.

It is amazing how quickly students reform their behavior when they see my clipboard. Not only is this an effective method for encouraging students to be more responsible, it also provides documentation of the infractions they are committing to show parents, principals, etc. You must be consistent with this practice; it may take a few classes to help students 'get it', but trust me, if you stick with it, it will pay off.