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Responsibility Rests with Students

Found in: homework

In my classroom I have 3 plastic file boxes labeled 'Spanish 1,' 'Spanish 2' and 'Spanish 3-4' (my classes). Each file box has separate slots and contains a file folder for each day of the week, labeled in Spanish (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) At the end of each day I put in the folder a slip of paper that tells what we did that day that absent students are accountable for, along with any worksheets or vocabulary lists that were given out.

When a student returns to class after an absence, it is his/her responsibility to go to the box and look up the assignments for the day(s) he/she was gone. This takes the burden off me, there is no class time lost, and it puts the responsibility where it should be - on the student. Each week the file is updated, so that students know they have a week to check the box and get the work in. After that time, there is no opportunity.


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