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Responsibility in Drama Class

Found In: Drama, Classroom Management, Discipline

I have taught theater for many years and have sometimes had similar students with behavior/emotional problems in my classes. The first thing I do is to talk with the students individually (in the hall or before class) to let them know that I care and am interested in their wellbeing.

However, I have had the most success by trying to involve these students in physical tasks that give them some responsibility, and for which they can feel successful and important. For instance, I try to give these students little jobs in the classroom to help them feel special. Or if we are going to do a play, I will assign them a small part in the play that I believe they can master. Or I will have them be part of the stage crew or even work in the light booth with supervision. If we are doing a puppet show, I ask them to help me assemble our puppet stage and possibly be the MC for the show.

I have found that these special students, who find some measure of success in the theater, take great pride in their contributions and will behave for me in the classroom.


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