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Rewarding Good Behavior

I created a classroom management system called “Hubbucks” after my last name. I initially developed the values with my class. I make money by enlarging $20 and $10 bills to 20 percent and I put my picture in place of the president's. I white out the serial number and replace it with “Hubbucks.” I give each student $120 to use in six week increments.  They cannot hoard the money from one six-week schedule to the next.

The beauty of the system is there is no record keeping. Students write their names across the back of their money as soon as I give it to them so they cannot be used by another student. On the wall we post values – $10 for gum chewing, drinking or eating in class, no pen or paper, etc. Under each amount there is a list. Students are responsible for Hubbucks. At the end of the six weeks I accept whatever money is left in exchange for dropping up to four grades (for $30 each). I give so many grades that dropping four does not make a great difference. Now students never even try to come to class late or without supplies because they value being able to drop low grades.



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