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Rewarding Positive Behavior

Found In: discipline, routines & procedures, tracking behavior

I reward students who comply with class rules rather than punish those who do not. I keep a running tally of students who demonstrate behavior I want to encourage. I read their names out loud (the sweetest sound to anyone's ears) and why they are receiving a tally.

When a student has earned 100 tallies, they get a 'Tally Time' form to fill out, on which they check which adult they want to spend time with, what they want to do, and where they want to do it. The adults on the form have agreed to participate. When a form is filled out, I arrange the appointment as soon as possible or offer the option of making alternate choices.

I also try to avoid using the names of misbehaving students when correcting their behavior, using eye contact instead. As much as is possible, I use students' names only when praising, so that if a student wants to hear his name he needs to engage in a positive behavior rather than a negative one.


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