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Road to Good Talking

At the beginning of each school year, I put up a bulletin board that is essentially a road with sign posts or stopping points along the way. Each student's name is written on a vehicle or sneaker made out of poster board and placed at the beginning of the 'road to good talking'.

A 'goal sheet' with the specific objectives for each student is put inside a personal folder that they make. As students practice their new skills, they receive stickers that are placed on sticker cards. When the sticker cards are full, the students take them home and move their name up on the road.

When a student reaches the end of the road, the whole group celebrates with a party. Students beg for extra work and extra turns to fill up their cards. No one complains when we place their name back at the beginning of the road because it means that they will have more opportunities to earn a party for the group!



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