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Round Robin Review

Found in: games; math; review and test prep

Students of all ages love to practice in round robin form. I have a set of note cards with a multiplication answer on the top and a question with the next problem on the bottom. For example, one card would have 32 at the top and 9 x 2 at the bottom. A student would read, I have '32.' Who has the answer to '9 x 2'? The person holding the card that reads 18 at the top would say I have '18' and then read the question at the bottom of the card.

I also use round robin cards for number sense and place value. For example, I have '65.' Who has '1 more than 83'? The responder reads, I have '84.' Who has the answer to '1 less than 44'? This type of review could be done with adding tens, hundreds, etc. and using considerably larger numbers. Students could practice matching definitions or characteristics for tests. Surprisingly, a set doesn't take long to prepare. I collect the cards when done, shuffle and play again so we practice twice.