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SSR Motivators

Found in: reading; reluctant readers; staying on task; sustained silent reading

Everybody knows that daily sustained silent reading (SSR) is important, but it's sometimes hard to keep kids on task. Here are two very simple ideas: After reading, I have the students buddy up for a pair share time. I give each partner about a minute to share what they've read that day while their partner practices good listening skills. The other idea I use (not everyday since teachers should also read during this time) is to have one index card for each student. Then I pick students at random, write down the title of the book they are reading and the page they are on. They also tell me in one or two sentences what they've read. This way I can make sure they've made progress in whatever book they have chosen. The kids actually like the one-on-one attention with book sharing and get mad when it's not their turn.



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