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School-Wide Celebration

September 03, 2003

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We did a full day celebration for American Education Week that was very successful. We had students and teachers come to school dressed as their favorite book character. We had lots of Harry Potter and Arthur, but also Clifford, Corduroy, and the Chicka-Boom-Boom tree! At one point during the day, we had a parade through all the classrooms. Starting with K, classes paraded through each classroom, and as the parade came through your room, you joined the end of the parade. (In past years, when we were not under construction, we have done this parade out on the playground with everyone at once.) During the day, we had a reading relay in the Media Center, with guest readers. Classes formed teams, and team members were assigned 1/2-hour slots through the day. There had to be someone from your team reading in the media center at all times. Older kids could read to younger, guest readers read to groups, 3-5th had the option of joining these read-aloud groups as reader or listener, or could bring a book and read silently. We also invited some local artists and a book editor/publisher to do talks in various classrooms. Teachers did special book activities and book related art or cooking activities in their classrooms. (The fourth grade teacher had that as her date for class presentations of the authors they had done team research projects on.) The Read Across America site was a great resource for book activities.


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