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School is a Job

At the beginning of the school year I tell my students to think of school as their job. What goes on in school everyday can be applied to the real world of work. If students are talking when someone else is talking I say, 'If we were at work and you were talking while your boss was presenting some important material, what do you think your boss would be thinking about you? What if you were in a conference with your co-workers and you were carrying on a conversation with the person sitting next to you, or staring out the window, or taking apart your pen, while someone else was sharing information with the group, what would the other people be thinking about you?' For late or missed assignments I say, 'What if these were important reports for your job, what do you think your boss would do?' If a student arrives without a pencil or paper or leaves books at home I say, 'What would happen if you went to work one day and didn't bring the tools you needed to do your job?' It really gets them thinking. As the year goes on I'll joke about it, 'I hope no one turns in their reports late, it's almost time to give out raises.' Or, 'I am really going to be watching to see who pays attention at the staff meetings, the company needs a new Vice-President.


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