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Secret Number

Found in: games; math

I use this idea to reinforce basic math concepts. One student (leader) secretly writes a one, two, or three digit number on an index card. The rest of the class sets up individual chalkboards with a hundreds, tens, and ones column. Then the class questions the leader with yes or no questions to guess the number. They start with questions like, 'Is it a 3-digit number? Is it a 2-digit number?' and progress to 'Is the number in the ones column even? Is the number in the ones column greater than 4? Is the number in the ones column between 2 and 6?' They record the results from the answers on their chalkboards. Once they've figured out the ones place, they move to tens, etc. When they think they have the whole number, they are finally allowed to guess it. If they're right, they win the card on which the number is written. Believe it or not, they love those cards! This reinforces multiple math skills.


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