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Self-Esteem Books

Found in: building trust & community

Each week we draw a stick to select a Student of the Week. I then have all of the other students write an affirmation to this student. Their affirmation letters have to focus specifically on the character of that student, not looks or athletic abilities, etc. This is really hard for the students at first, so we practice. I have them write a class letter to their other teachers. They catch on quickly. The affirmation that they write to our Student of the Week is assigned as homework on Tuesday. After I get all of the letters, I crop them, mount them on construction paper, have them laminated, and then bind them into a book for the Student of the Week to keep. You wouldn't believe how much the kids adore getting these! I see them weeks later still reading their book. I find this a great way to build their self-esteem.


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