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Sharing with Soldiers and Sailors

Found in: holiday; letter writing; service project

Just before the holidays, I had my students collect and mail out generic 'Happy Holiday' cards to soldiers in the Navy and Army. They signed and wrote a note in the cards but no personal information was given. We then sent a package of cards to 'Any Soldier' for the soldier to share with his/her friends. We found the mailing addresses on the Naval Fleet official web site. Some of my kids wanted to send more cards so I took the cards to our local VA hospital for the staff to distribute. The staff was thrilled beyond belief that a group of high school kids were so considerate and caring. We used the school mailing address as our return address and have already received several letters from the sailors. This is a project that can be done at any time of the year, even for no 'holiday' reason. It's a great feeling to pass on good cheer to those who protect our freedom. Write to: Any Soldier --- Germany/ Eco 51st Inf (LRS) (ABN)/ CMR 440/ Apo AE 09175.


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