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Signing Out Materials

Found in: routines & procedures; supplies

I found an easy way to have teachers sign out materials from a Literacy or Math Closet. All storage bins have the title of the item written on a laminated card, which is stuck to the bin with a piece of Velcro. In the case of multiple copies of books, which are in Ziploc bags, the title cards are stuck to a storage box, which may contain several bags of books.

On the wall is a chart with all the staff members' names on it and a strip of Velcro beside each name. When the teacher borrows an item, he/she simply removes the Velcro title card from the item and sticks it next to his name. In this case, other teachers can see at a glance where certain materials are. It eliminates signing out items in a binder or even having to write anything at all. This system is perfect for the busy teacher.


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