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Sleeping Bag Readathon

Found in: reading activities; reluctant readers

Our third-grade teachers and I periodically have a Readathon, an afternoon of nothing but reading. Before the event, we send home a flyer explaining what we will be doing.

The kids bring in bags books, comic books, magazines, etc., their sleeping bags or blankets, and a healthy snack. We spread the desks out to clear the floor, put down our sleeping bags, take off our shoes, and read, read, read. No talking is allowed. About half way through the afternoon we take a break, eat our snacks and share what we've read so far. Very often a child will keep us hanging, leaving us at a very exciting or mysterious part of the book they're reading. A Readathon is especially good on a dreary or snowy January afternoon. We repeat the Readathon in the spring outside, using picnic blankets. The kids love it. But REMEMBER teachers: set a good example and read too. This is a perfect opportunity to catch up on your own reading, even if it's just the daily newspaper or a magazine.


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