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So You Want To Be A Millionaire

Found in: games; review & test prep; science

For a test review in science, we play So You Want To Be A Millionaire. Instead of one person answering all the questions, I pick students at random. No one knows who will be picked until after the question is read. The reward is .5 extra credit points for everyone in the class and the penalty is .25 extra credit points lost for everyone in class. The lifelines are:

1) Ask someone else in class.

2) Ask the entire class they have to write the answer.

3) Ask the teacher.

4) Ask me.

5) Ask the principal.

6) Ask for the question to be repeated.

Once a lifeline is used, it cannot be used by anyone else. We do the cheer, 'Is that your final answer?' and anything else possible to make it realistic.