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Special Needs Students

Inclusion can be a frightening concept. Teachers wonder how they will accommodate students with special needs into a regular classroom. Many of us do not have the time to make many accommodations, but what I have found out is that you really don't have to make many accommodations to make special needs successful students. Inclusion means including all students in the regular education classroom. I am not saying some accommodations do not have to be made. They do, especially when it comes to testing. What has worked4me is challenging all students, including special needs students, to do the best they can. My special needs students get the same assignments, same projects, and same worksheets as my regular students. Sure, they may need a little extra time, but given the chance they can do it. They have shown me time and again they can. This week we have been studying the Middle East Peace Process. It is my special needs students who have been coming through with the answers to the tough questions and I am so proud of them. My tip is to base teaching on the premise that ALL students can learn, not just the regular education students. Teachers don't have to be afraid of the extra work they'll need to do, the students will do it because they can do it!


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