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Spelling Vacation

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As a motivator, when my students get an A on their weekly spelling test, I place a star sticker beside their name on the Spelling Stars chart. As soon as a student accumulates 5 stars, they are awarded a Spelling Vacation. During their vacation week, they are excused from all spelling assignments and tests given during that week. An automatic A goes into the grade book for their weekly test grade and assignment/homework points.

During spelling class they may read a book, work on other assignments, use the classroom computer, or run errands and do jobs for me. It has proven to be a motivator and fun for the students. They work hard to get those 5 stars and can't wait to tell everyone (especially their parents) that they are on Spelling Vacation.

My grade level peers have been using my tip for the past 4 years and tell me that their students love this challenge. It is a win-win for both teacher and student.


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