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Spreadsheet Grades

August 31, 2005

I am a substitute teacher, and thought I would offer what my children's middle school teachers do to keep parents informed of test scores. At the beginning of the school year, the teacher makes up a spreadsheet list of all the planned tests and graded class work for that quarter with a column for scores. The kids staple the sheet to the inside of the folder. Then when each test and class work is graded and handed back to the children for review, they record their score on the sheet. The teachers make copies of the papers and keep them on file for any parents who want to come in and discuss performance. This is a great way for me as a parent to see the grades they are getting before report cards. It is also great for the kids to see exactly why they have a good or bad report card grade. My children, as I'm sure many others do, only seem to remember the good grades they receive. The spreadsheet is so useful for me to point out to them how their homework and class work grades really affect their overall grade.


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