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St. Patrick's Day Fun

I always have fun with my students on St. Patty's Day. During the week leading up to March 17 we study Ireland, and our Media Specialist assists the students in finding answers to our Irish Scavenger Hunt. The students use multiple resources to answer questions about Ireland. There are questions about folklore, history, geography and St. Patrick, of course.

Upon entering the classroom, on St. Patty's Day, students are greeted with, 'Top 'o mornin' to ya laddie/lassie.' This is usually met with stares of sincere concern for my mental health. I have Celtic music playing in the background and start with a journal assignment, such as 'Where/How to find a four leaf clover.'

While the students are at lunch, I topple chairs, knock books onto the floor and sprinkle green glitter around the room. Then I leave a note from Sean the Leprechaun. 'I've lost me pot 'o gold. I'm sure I left in here. I'll be back after school to find it! Leave me gold alone!' Everyone is shocked, including me, when we see the mess! Of course the children have already read the note and are looking for the pot of gold and cleaning up the mess. They usually find it (my Halloween cauldron filled with gold foil covered candies). Then we write thank you notes to Sean the Leprechaun, since we ate all his gold. We also reprimand him for making such a mess.


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