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Stapled Friday Folders

Found in: parent-teacher communication; routines & procedures

I assign my students mailboxes because they have messy desks and keep work from parental view. Whenever I pass out papers, we review them orally, and then I ask the students to put them in their mailboxes. At the end of the day on Fridays, I call students to bring me all the work from their mailbox. I staple the stack and place it in their Friday folder to take home. The parents know that the stack of papers is to remain stapled and the children are to correct all incorrect answers over the weekend. The staple helps keep the papers together so they won't get lost, and it also helps the parents know their child isn't hiding any papers and assures me that parents are informed of their child's progress. The stacks must come back signed by the parents on Mondays. These stapled Friday Folders are great communication tools.


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